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This is the main page for FolkeskoleWiki. Content is soon to be here!

How to setup your own MediaWiki

Setting up your own Wikipedia is not that hard. You will need some special tools, but once you get those working things are rather straight forward! The instructions here are aimed at setting up a Wiki on your local Windows 7 system, using IIS as the server. But already now you will probably need an introduction to some of the terms used?

Terms used when setting up the Wiki

The first two term you need to know about is the server and the database. The server is running/hosting your Wiki, and is also called 'localhost' for short. The contents of your Wiki is stored in a Database - that is all texts etc. are stored there, and the database is tus sort of a "host" for your data. Both the server and the database must be actively running on your computer, so you need to get this working:

  • IIS, is your local Windows server
  • MySql, is your local database server

PHP is the actual software tool you need to run the Wiki. This is installed allong with the IIS (that is the server), but you may need to run some maintenance utilities, at some time, so you need to install PHP also. (PHP is the abbreviation for a computer language)...

So you need these tree components to work, the server, the database and the utility - ISS, MySql and PHP. Finally you need to install MediaWiki, that is the actual free software that you know as Wikipedia!

Lets take the installation from the top. Starting with:

IIS - the server

ISS is already on your computer, but it is probably disabled. Please see the following video that will show you how to set up ISS. Turn on at least the PHP features and do as the man says in the video!

  • ISS setup:


I am using MySQL Workbench - that can be downloaded here:

Desuden har jeg så MySQL kørende, den skal dog nok opgraderes separat?

PHP setup